Advanced Analytic Capabilities

Advanced Analytic Capabilities


Identify, prioritize, and execute research and development projects that satisfy interagency requirements to improve sense-making, decision making, and data management for counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, stabilization/reconstruction missions, and cyber defense. Focus on the development and integration of analytic tools and associated processes at the tactical level to include operational level interface.

The Advanced Analytic Capabilities (AAC) Subgroup prioritizes multi-agency user requirements and seeks new user-friendly capabilities to counter terrorism that enable war fighters to make better and faster decisions. One specific focus area is developing integrated platforms for model-enabled analysis at the operational and tactical levels that also enhance the interface between operators and intelligence analysts. AAC’s work also includes specialized development in cyber defense. Current efforts within the subgroup involve developing more secure System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) devices.

Focus Areas

Integrated Analytic Platforms

Integrated Analytic PlatformsDevelop and deploy robust integrated platforms to enhance analysis of diverse and disparate data sources to support decision-making and planning. These platforms shall enable a variety of analytic tools and methods to be readily interoperable with each other and with supporting data sources. Integrate analytic tools into existing military operational platforms, both forward deployed and reach-back capabilities, to facilitate the appropriate interaction, exploration, and visualization of key elements. Develop infrastructure to facilitate secure collaboration and
fusion among and between analysts and forward deployed operators in real time.

Decision, Planning, and Analytical Tools

Decision, Planning, and Analytical ToolsDevelop tools and models that provide analytic rigor to the military and interagency planning and decision-making process for counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations and campaigns. This includes decision support tools that will enable operators and planners at the operational and tactical levels to better understand the operational environment, evaluate first and higher order effects of alternate courses of action, and enable near real-time decisions within the context of the mission.

Cyber Defense Applications

Cyber Defense ApplicationsSupport sustained operations through development and fielding of enhanced layered defensive capabilities by anticipating and avoiding threats through understanding the cyber situation, anticipating adversarial actions, assessing potential impacts, and by implementing defensive methodologies.