Advanced Analytic Capabilities

Advanced Analytic Capabilities


Identify, prioritize, and execute research and development projects that enhance the capabilities and processes of DoD and Interagency operators, including their intelligence and planning support, by integrating analytic tools, models, and data to enable faster, better decision-making.

Focus Areas

Data to Decision Systems

Integrated Analytic PlatformsIntegrate and deploy analytic tools, models, and data to enable improved forecasting, and decision making about the human domain and non-kinetic effects in planning and operations under uncertainty. This focus area addresses predictive analytics, optimization, stability and robustness analyses, as well as higher order consequences to enable better decisions and faster adaptation while minimizing negative impacts.

Decision, Planning, and Analytical Tools

Decision, Planning, and Analytical ToolsDevelop tools, models, and enabling technologies that provide analytic rigor to the military and interagency planning and decision making process for counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations and campaigns.


Integrated Analytic Platforms

Cyber Defense ApplicationsDevelop and deploy robust integrated platforms that both operators and intelligence analysts can use to synchronize operations and intelligence at the tactical level.