Physical Security

Physical Security (PS) Subgroup


Develop capabilities to address physical security vulnerabilities associated with forward deployed military and civilian personnel, domestic security and first responder personnel, and U.S. Government facilities in the U.S. and abroad, and rapidly transition those capabilities to the users. Focus technology development efforts in support of joint and interagency requirements that are directed along the U.S. borders, at U.S. embassies and consulates, at mass transportation and commerce nodes, in maritime port and littoral environments, and in support of large-scale public gatherings.

Focus Areas

Blast Effects and Mitigation

Blast Effects and MitigationDevelop projects to satisfy interagency and international requirements that address blast threats and associated mitigation efforts leading to the improved protection of expeditionary and permanent structures and installations.  Emphasize developing decision support tools and technical solutions by testing to evaluate the blast response and mitigation approaches of both critical and hardened infrastructures; with the goal of improving future design standards, and identifying new threat mitigation products, retrofits, and strategies.

Emerging Explosive Threats

Emerging Explosive ThreatsDevelop projects to satisfy interagency and international requirements that address the adaptive threat associated with emerging explosives.  Emphasize the characterization of explosives, associated novel delivery techniques, and to provide government, military, and civilian incident responders with the knowledge required combat their use in terrorist activities. 


Vulnerability Identification

Vulnerability IdentificationDevelop predictive analysis software and decision aids to identify vulnerabilities and/or determine preventive courses of action. Emphasize pre-event planning and assessment of emerging threats.



Screening, Surveillance, and Detection

Screening, Surveillance, and DetectionDevelop technologies and techniques to survey and analyze facilities; improve situational awareness; detect, identify, and locate advancing threats; control access to critical assets; and neutralize confirmed threats.  Emphasize automatic alerting, expeditionary kits, and exportable variants.


Integrated Solutions

Integrated SolutionsIntegrate technologies into force protection solution packages that will improve the effectiveness of electronic security systems, reduce manning requirements, and offer increased affordability and survivability of operators and responders.




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