Tactical Operations Support

Tactical Operations Support


Identify, prioritize, and execute rapid research and development projects that enhance the capabilities of DoD and interagency special operations tactical teams engaged in finding, fixing, and finishing terrorists. This includes the development of capabilities for state and local law enforcement agencies to combat domestic terrorism.

The Tactical Operations Support (TOS) Subgroup rapidly delivers advanced capabilities to surgical strike and special warfare operational personnel conducting full spectrum tactical combating terrorism missions in high threat, unsupported environments to defeat global emerging threats. Most often these solutions are in the form of rapidly prototyped, specialized equipment, and training. Each advanced capability is specifically designed to provide enhanced mission effectiveness while assisting operational personnel in maintaining situational awareness and survivability. The TOS Subgroup is co-chaired by representatives from the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. 

Focus Areas

The TOS Subgroup focus areas reflect the prioritized requirements of offensive counterterrorism forces.

Offensive Systems

Offensive SystemsDevelop equipment and capabilities that enhance the effectiveness of small tactical units of dominance engaged in surgical strike operations. Develop specialized weapons, munitions, detonators, distraction/diversion devices, and other unique tactical equipment. Develop systems to support sniper and counter-sniper operations.


Communications Systems

TOS Communications SystemsDevelop flexible and enhanced communications capabilities specifically designed for tactical forces. Emphasize reducing the size of equipment, while improving operator mobility and efficiency. Consider durability, concealment, innovative power sources, range, reception, battery life, ease of use, and low probability of detection/interception. Develop assured tactical communications connectivity in challenging environments such as buildings, caves, tunnels, below deck, or underground bunkers.

Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance Systems

Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance SystemsDevelop technologies to assist tactical teams in conducting intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance missions. Develop systems that enhance the visual perception or other imaging capabilities of tactical operators in all conditions and environments. Develop independent, platform, or weapon-mounted systems for enhanced aiming, target designation, illumination, range detection, or surveillance.

Specialized Access Systems

Specialized Access SystemsDevelop technologies that assist tactical assault forces in gaining rapid access to objectives, improve evaluation of tactical options, and support efficiency and stealth of operations. Develop enhanced manual and dynamic breaching technologies for tactical assault teams. Develop clandestine defeat or override devices for building and vehicle  entry points


Unconventional Warfare, Counterinsurgency Support

Unconventional Warefare, Counterinsurgency SupportDevelop innovative solutions for small tactical units of dominance conducting a broad spectrum of military, paramilitary, special warfare, and digital operations. This includes counter-insurgency and foreign internal defense missions by, with, or through host nation or indigenous forces, to build partner capacity in support of U.S. goals  and objectives.


Survivability Systems

Survivability SystemsDevelop clothing, individual equipment, mobility platform enhancements, and man-portable systems that provide protection from or identification of ballistic, fragmentation, explosive, and thermal threats during the conduct of special operations. Develop man-portable sensor systems to enhance operator security and survivability during tactical missions.