SOF Marksmanship Advancement


Focus Area: Offensive Systems

Description: Numerous leaps in long-range shooting technologies have occurred in the past few years that can change the way U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) can train and fight on today's battlefield. The SOF Marksmanship Advancement program takes a holistic look at currently available technologies, developing technologies, and training methods to create a new and novel equipment and training package for SOF snipers and long-range shooters. The Tactical Operations Support Subgroup has partnered with the Joint Readiness Training Center Special Operations Training Detachment to provide these leading edge sniper and spotter capabilities with the highest caliber training available in an effort to shape future requirements and technology development with an emphasis on evolutionary and low cost solutions to complex long-range shooting problems.

Project Cost: $0.763M

Project Duration: 24 months

Operational Impact: The training will improve a shooter’s accuracy and his ability to perform accurate ballistic calculations. In addition, the program will reduce the training overhead needed to train and sustain a new sniper.

Performer: Accuracy 1st

End Users: United States Special Operations Command, Federal Bureau of Investigation-Hostage Rescue Team, Intelligence Community, and United States Marshals Service

Transition: The training package is provided by the SOTD at JRCT. The new equipment delivered under this project will transition to USSOCOM and U.S. Army programs of record.