IED Trigger Recognition Guide (Third Edition)


A number of Federal agencies, including the Technical Support Working Group, have collaborated on the release of the third edition of the Improvised Explosives Device (IED) Trigger Recognition Guide which is now available for Federal, State, and local government personnel dealing with combating terrorism activities and the threat of IEDs.

The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Trigger Recognition Guide (Third Edition) was released on July 2006.  The guide was prepared to assist with the field identification of electronic triggers used with improvised explosive devices.  The guide provides information on more than 70 IED triggers that were found in Afghanistan and Iraq.  These IED triggers may be used to detonate time, command, victim-operated, and projected IEDs.  Each trigger has a full page (front and back) write-up with accompanying pictures and statistics (e.g., Radio Frequency, Control Code, Anti-Tamper Features, Power Source, and Size).  More detailed technical information, including additional photography and schematic diagrams, is available for each device.  Updated versions of the IED Trigger Recognition Guide are published as new IED triggers are recovered.

The IED Trigger Recognition Guide is Unclassified//For Official Use Only (FOUO) to facilitate distribution in the field.  This information should be considered sensitive and protected accordingly.

To order the IED Trigger Recognition Guide, contact:

The National Counterterrorism Center
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Tel:  571-280-6996
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