Mass Personnel Decontamination Protocols Ordering Information


The Best Practices and Guidelines for Mass Personnel Decontamination handbook and CD-ROM are available from the Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Defense Information Analysis Center (CBRNIAC) Basic Products Catalog found on the CBRNIAC website at

Instructions for ordering:

1. To submit an on-line order, go to the above site,  select Browse the entire Product Catalog, select the title of the publication, (06-2003), select Add item to cart button, and then the check out button if you are finished ordering.

2. If you are ordering a quantity, select modify order and enter the number of publications you want, then check out again.

3. Complete the ordering information requested

4. Select payment options and enter requested information, then submit order.

5. If you have any problems with the on-line order form or would prefer to mail or fax your order to the CBRNIAC:

Go to the CBRNIAC  website and click Basic Products Catalog under the Products and Services heading
Print the order form from the back of the Catalog
Complete the ordering form using the information specified above
Mail or fax your order to the CBRNIAC at the address or fax number specified on the order form

If you have any questions about this process please contact the CBRNIAC at:

If you have any questions of technical nature, please contact Karrie Branch at 703-413-7853 or [email protected].