Virtual Anticipation Network (VANE)
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Advanced Analytics

Focus Area:

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Detecting Irregular Warfare Trends

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

24 months


NuWave Solutions



End User:

U.S. Army G2, EUCOM


Virtual Anticipation Network (VANE) is a project with NuWave Solutions to use big data and machine learning to identify indicators and warnings of difficult to detect "gray zone" (e.g., hybrid or irregular warfare) attacks. VANE encompasses a number of tools that use machine learning to process unstructured data and highlight anomalies to make predictive forecasts on gray zone activity. VANE's core uses are: activity forecasting, anomaly and weak signal detection, what if/hypothesis analysis, scenario back-casting and likelihood assessment, and data exploration and visualization.

Operational Impact:

VANE applies machine learning to model the environment, identifying phenomena through anomaly detection, and then assesses/monitors phenomena through scenario modeling. Analysts can leverage VANE to reduce surprise, increase sensitivity to weak signals, improve objectivity, and scale analysis to more sensors.


Will transition to U.S. Army G2.