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Focus Areas

Digital/Multimedia Forensics

Develop computer forensic hardware, software, decryption tools, and digital methods. Improve document and media acquisition and exploitation. Develop advanced methods to extract, decrypt, analyze, and enhance audio recordings, video images, and other forensic information from analog and digital sources.

Technical and Forensic Exploitation

Develop capabilities to identify individuals; improve the recovery, identification, and analysis of captured enemy material and traces; and inform tactical or strategic objectives in support of identity operations. Improve tools and methods to establish and link an individual's identity using measurable physiological and behavioral characteristics. Develop expeditionary capabilities that deny adversaries their anonymity (biometrics and identity intelligence), increase attribution (forensic science), and enhance force protection measures (technical exploitation).

Human Information Acquisition

Develop instruments, equipment, techniques and methods to collect and validate greater quantities of accurate and truthful information and potential intelligence from persons of interest. Improve interviewing and interrogation tactics, techniques, and protocols through behavioral and operational psychology, including psycholinguistics, cognitive methods, and applied motivational techniques.

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