Air to Ground Mobile Mesh Network (AGMMN)


Focus Area: Unconventional Warfare, Counter-Insurgency SupportAir to Ground Mobile Mesh Network

Description: Currently, Special Operations Forces do not have the ability to receive digital, encrypted Full Motion Video directly from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to a dismounted operator at the target location. The Air/Ground Mobile Mesh Network (AGMMN) uses a man-wearable tactical mobile ad hoc network called WaveRelay™, which allows dismounted operators to receive and view Full Motion Video with AES 256 encryption and encoded with H.264 commercial compression (other compression standards are available). Additionally, since the AGMMN is a tactical mobile ad hoc network, the Full Motion Video and other data can be automatically routed to any user within the network without the need for a direct connection to the UAS.

Project Cost: $2.472M

Project Duration: 23 months

Operational Impact: An air/ground mobile ad hoc networking system kit that will provide high bandwidth transmission of full motion video and voice communications amongst unmanned aerial system kits, ground mobility platforms, ground control stations, and human operators.

Delivered: 10 kits for CONUS and OCONUS deployment

Performer: Persistent Systems

End Users: U.S. Special Operations Forces, Federal Bureau of Investigation-Hostage Rescue Team, Border Patrol Tactical Unit, Intelligence Community, Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

Transition: Special Operations Command PM-JTCITS