Enhanced Mortar Targeting System (EMTAS)


Focus Area: Offensive SystemsEnhanced Mortar Targeting System

Description: The Enhanced Mortar Targeting System (EMTAS) was rapidly developed to address the critical capability gaps of providing highly accurate and rapid indirect fire 360 degrees from a single firing position using existing U.S. mortar tubes (120mm or 81mm adjusted by mortar tube collar) and ammunition. The EMTAS has an integrated fire control system, which once provided target coordinates, automatically lays the mortar tube within 12 seconds and will provide accuracy with a standard mortar within one percent of range (e.g., rounds fired at target 3,000 meters away will all impact within a 30 meter area).

Project Cost: $11.692M

Project Duration: 22 months

Operational Impact: The first enemy KIA in combat was achieved 18 months after receipt of the paper requirement. The system enhances the speed, accuracy, and reliability of legacy weapons and ammunition. It provides force protection with a graduated kinetic response. It provides the operator with improved accuracy and a reduced collateral damage capability. It provides the enemy lethal consequence and decreases manpower requirements to deliver indirect fire (2-3 operators versus more than 35 in a mortar platoon) for the same capability.

Performers: Elbit and Praevius Group

End Users: United States Special Operations Command and U.S. Army

Deliverable: 10 EMTAS systems have been delivered to Operation Enduring Freedom