Law Enforcement Tactical Ballistic Helmet


Focus Area: Survivability SystemsBallistic Helmet

Description: Domestic law enforcement and special response teams face threats from high-velocity, high-caliber ballistic threat rounds and require a helmet that provides protection from these rounds. In 2008, the Tactical Operations Support (TOS) Subgroup worked with Artisent, Inc. to develop the Law Enforcement Tactical Ballistic Helmet as a testing prototype. As materials in ballistic protection have increased in strength and decreased in weight, TOS has remained engaged in developing an improved functional ballistic helmet that is designed by and affordable to the law enforcement community. In 2011, Artisent, Inc. delivered an enhanced pre-production prototype capable of stopping .44 magnum rounds with minimal backface deformation (less than 1.25"), have an internal drop-down ballistic visor, and include an adjustable head fit-band retentions system for comfort.

Project Cost: $0.556M

Project Duration: 20 months

Operational Impact: The tactical ballistic helmet will provide protection for high caliber handgun rounds (.44 magnum) that will cause little backface deformation on round impact. The helmet features a side rail, NVG shroud, drop-down ballistic eye protection, and an adjustable interior head liner.

Performer: Artisent/Ops Core

End Users: Federal Bureau of Investigation Hostage Rescue Team and U.S. SWAT Teams

Transition: The tactical ballistic helmet has been commercialized for purchase by law enforcement agencies.