Tunnel Vulnerability Assessment Best Practices Guide


The Tunnel Vulnerability Assessment Best Practices Guide is a 120 page guide for tunnel owners and operators, which identifies potential threats to tunnels. The best practices guide includes information on: tunnel configurations, tunnel threats and vulnerabilities, and how to assess the need for security upgrades via a risk assessment, and techniques for mitigating potential threats.

This guide is a restricted document available only to military, federal, state, and local governments; and bridge owners and operators. It is not for public release and must be protected from release to unauthorized personnel. Contractors providing security services to these agencies may also procure the document with the approval of their government sponsor, tunnel owner, or operator. All orders must first be confirmed by the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) prior to being sent to the Government Printing Office (GPO).

The Tunnels Guide is available from the Government Printing Office in single copies for $36 each, which includes shipping and handling. First, send an e-mail request for quantity desired to [email protected], and include stock number, contact name, organization name, address, and telephone number. The stock number for the Tunnel Vulnerability Assessment Best Practices Guide is 008-001-00193-2. Confirmation of the order will be approved via e-mail with an approval number. The documents can then be ordered from GPO, accompanied by a copy of the confirmation e-mail and approval number.

After receiving an approval number, orders may be placed via e-mail, fax, and mail. All orders require prepayment, either by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/NOVUS, or GPO Deposit Account.

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